The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

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The Backup Blend - When life knocks you down, you can always count on our specialty beans to pick you back up. We heard the recipe for success is craft roasted coffee with notes of greatness - so we thought we'd give it a shot. 

Great for any preparation method but if you want our recommendation, try it with a french press.

Toffee and citrus notes with a hint of nuttiness, just like That's Good Sports. Medium roasted to perfection in small batches. Always specialty grade.

12 oz. (340g) 

Single origin: Brazil

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes: Tangerine, Almond, Toffee

Customer Reviews

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Ian Emory
A very nice medium roast

I got Benchwarmer Brews "Backup Blend" which is their middle/medium roast. I would put it a little bit on the sweeter side as far as mediums go which for me is perfect as someone who loves sweeter coffee. Having said that it is something to note for any future buyers. My only complaint was that I couldn't open it and had to cut open the bag. However, the coffee itself is excellent and weather you're making it in a straight cup or blending it with something else you'll be very happy.

Torin Lippman
yummy yummy

Helped me cope with the amount of money the Giants paid Danny J

Tristan Nush

The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

Chris Collins
Incredible Coffee

It’s coffee that’s definitely coffee. Nice!

John Bickle

The Backup Blend Coffee Beans