The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

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The Backup Blend - When life knocks you down, you can always count on our specialty beans to pick you back up. We heard the recipe for success is craft roasted coffee with notes of greatness - so we thought we'd give it a shot. 

Great for any preparation method but if you want our recommendation, try it with a french press.

Toffee and citrus notes with a hint of nuttiness, just like That's Good Sports. Medium roasted to perfection in small batches. Always specialty grade.

12 oz. (340g) 

Single origin: Peru

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes: Tangerine, Almond, Toffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Eric M
Bad smell, Great Coffee

Ok, so first off, the beans themselves smell bad. Not quite hold your breath bad, but it's noticeable. However, fuck how it smells, this shit is so good you'll quickly forget about the scent and ask for more. Making my second purchase now.

As tasty as Russell Wilson is corny.

So pretty damn tasty.

Ben Jones
It’s good.

It’s good.

Greg Perna
Great Tasting Coffee

I like the monthly order because I drink coffee every morning.

Minh Duong
Tastes good, missing beard

The coffee is good except I did not grow a fabulous beard after drinking it for a few days. Unfortunately I could not take off one quarter of a star.