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HBTC Blend Coffee Beans
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HBTC Blend Coffee Beans

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How Bout That Coffee - This coffee is for those who love winning. After all, the most important letter of the alphabet is a W, just like the most important way start to your day is with an incredible cup of coffee. Created by Cole DeRuse of HBTC-a lifelong fan and benchwarmer of the game of football-this medium blend tastes great, and will help jumpstart your day and get to crushing your goals with a victorious buzz. It’s also good enough to drink black in just about any form. However, if you need a splash of cream, badger milk is preferred.  

12 oz. (340g) 

Origin: Mexico & Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes: Chocolate & Citrus

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Philipp Prade

HBTC Blend Coffee Beans

Jack Hatzfeld
Complex, bright, still a crowd pleasing blend

The combination of spicy Mexican coffee with bright, berry floral notes of Ethiopian coffee creates a combo that is special. They roast it light enough to achieve complex acidity but take it far enough to please the common man.

Shane Creason


Matthew Busser

HBTC Blend Coffee Beans

Jim Spindler
A Delightful Surprise

My usual store-bought brand didn't compare to Benchwarmer Brew HBTC Blend, so I gave my stored bags of beans to some neighbors down the street and now feel I'm set up permanently with HBTC Blend. Could be the best medium roast I've ever had. Compares easily to the best of the boutique roasters in my city.