The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

The Backup Blend Coffee Beans

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The Backup Blend - When life knocks you down, you can always count on our specialty beans to pick you back up. We heard the recipe for success is craft roasted coffee with notes of greatness - so we thought we'd give it a shot. 

Great for any preparation method but if you want our recommendation, try it with a french press.

Toffee and citrus notes with a hint of nuttiness, just like That's Good Sports. Medium roasted to perfection in small batches. Always specialty grade.

12 oz. (340g) 

Single origin: Brazil

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes: Tangerine, Almond, Toffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Megan Dickherber
Great coffee! Awesome aroma.

The Backup Blend was a really nice, smooth drinking coffee with a lot of good flavor. And the smell was heavenly while it was brewing. Highly recommend this blend for people who like a traditional cup of coffee or drink a lot of coffee!

Dustin Snider
Coffee or nectar of the gods?

It's coffee...
But it's the best coffee you'll have this year. I guarantee it. I have made this my everyday coffee and it's ruined other coffees for me for good and I'm never going back!

Alice C
Really Great Coffee!

The flavor of this coffee is great! I do think it leans a little bit closer to a dark roast versus a medium.

Jacob Tarazoff
The right Beans for the job

Love the beans and the show, thanks Brandon!

Fresh Coffee and taste Great

I would have loved to give it 5 stars but they started putting less coffee in the bags. Im still getting charge the same, even after the Rate hike but i would have loved some notice or options.