FivePoints Blend Coffee Beans
FivePoints Blend Coffee Beans
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FivePoints Blend Coffee Beans

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The FivePoints Blend - The lightest blend for rookies just entering the coffee game or those looking to change it up. Taming the energy on this roast can be your biggest challenge. Those who are up for it will fully take on and appreciate the bright and fruity notes in each bean. Created by FivePoints Vids, specifically for all losers and benchwarmers.

Our most cheatingest way into craft coffee. Great for any preparation method but if you want our recommendation, try it with a pour over.

Lightly roasted to perfection in small batches. Always specialty grade.

12 oz. (340g) 

Roast: Light

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Basil, Chocolate

Blend Origins: Ethiopia

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
David D.
Best damn beans!!

This shiz is incredible! Great taste and amazing quality! Love it! Will definitely recommend it to ppl.

Scott McGuire
Great Coffee

I love good light roast coffees, both for the flavor profile and the caffeine (because that’s what we’re really after m, isn’t it?). This is among the best I’ve had. Very floral and fruity.

Schuyler Kemp
My favorite blend!

The 5 points blend is awesome…. But I wish there was an even lighter blend available… maybe coming soon? (If it’s a scooter blend I won’t buy it no matter how tasty it is 😂)

Patric LeVang
Five Points Blend = Worth Buying Again

I basically bought a bag of Benchwarmers Five Points Blend because I felt sorry for Brandon Perna. I won’t bore you with the lengthy list of reasons why but you can probably guess most of them. Anyway, I set my expectations low when I buy any new coffee brand then cross my fingers…
Let me be blunt and bottom-line this:
This coffee is not only my new favorite, but it quite possibly could be the best cup I can remember having in 30 years. I used a French Press because I like to fool myself that I have sophisticated taste. Five Points has definitely won me over, and, Perna has earned a few brownie points too.
- Rick LeVang
Prescott, AZ


Great coffee! Will be ordering more!